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We're proud to offer our customer products of the highest quality
combined with a premium service and technical support

  About Us   
BOS was founded in 1966 and has been manufacturing contact lenses now for more than 50 years. Our manufacturing facility is located in Kuurne, Belgium and as a family owned company, we strive for long lasting relationships with both our customers and our suppliers.

Private Label
Since more than 20 years, we have specialized in offering contact lenses and contact lens solutions under private label. Thanks to our in-house development and printing service we can offer private label solutions, even in small quantities. If you're looking for personalized contact lenses or solutions, BOS is your trusted partner.

Service and cooperation
Besides our own products, we also supply the products of various other manufacturers (Cantor & Nissel, Soflex, X-Cel...). As a customer you can rely on our professional service team for assistance with fitting, branding... A customer for BOS is not a number, but a partner. We're also a proud member of EFCLIN, actively supporting the industry with regulatory expertise.

  Discover our Products   
Contact lenses
BOS manufactures 'Custom-Made' rigid contact lenses in a large variety of designs and materials. We also distribute branded and private label soft contact lenses. Whether you look for one of our brands, or you would like your own brand, we're the partner you can count on.
Contact lenses (Soft & RGP)
Contact lens solutions
BOS offers a variety of solutions both as branded products or as private label products.
Do you wish to align your store identity with your contact lens solutions, do not hesitate to contact us?
Lens Care Solutions
As the distributor for Medmont, we not only supply the instruments, but we feel that training is equally important. For this reason, when you buy an instrument from BOS, we will provide an adequate training so you can use your instrument with knowledge and confidence.
Instruments (Medmont E300)

 Instructions for Use  
Below you can download the instructions for use for the products manufactured by BOS.
If you have received products through us from other manufacturers, please visit their website for the latest version of their IFU.
IFU for soft contact lenses from BOS (legacy products)
IFU for custom-made RGP contact lenses from BOS
IFU for contact lens solution (code PLU)
IFU for contact lens solution (code PLI)

 Contact Us

Noordlaan 24
8520 Kuurne
0032 (0)56 36.00.89
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